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Red flags in queer relationships may look different, but they’re still warning signs


Red flags: you may hear about them most often in heterosexual relationships, but they’re not exclusive to straight people — any gender can come with big, glaring red flags, including lesbian and queer people.

However, the warning signs you’d watch out for in a straight relationship aren’t always the same ones you should be on the lookout for with queer partners — so, if you’re entering your first lesbian or queer relationship, here are a couple of red flags you’ll want to keep your eyes peeled for.

1. They’re“not into bi girls”

Whether you’re bi, pan, or a lesbian yourself, it’s always a red flag…

The real reason that women seem to constantly put self-proclaimed nice guys into the friend zone


Maybe you’ve seen it portrayed in movies and TV shows: the beautiful main character and her passionate love interest ride off into the sunset while her “nice guy” friend gets left behind.

Or maybe you’ve seen it play out in real life — despite being a “nice guy,” you can’t ever seem to get out of the friend zone, but your female friends continue to date guys who don’t seem to treat them right.

Well, as a woman who’s encountered plenty of “nice guys” in the dating realm, here’s the real reason you’re not scoring with us (Hint: it’s not…

Especially in a world where people aren’t afraid to push your personal boundaries


Trigger Warning: Sexual coercive behavior is described in detail. Fearless community, please read with care.

He was nothing like his pictures. He was several inches shorter than his profile said he’d be and skinnier than he’d looked in most of his selfies. Had I been a little more self-assured, I would’ve drummed up an excuse to leave the moment he opened the door.

But I was eighteen, barely out of high school, and way too nice. He was twenty-four, studying for his master’s, and had no problem coming up with excuses.

He was from Tinder — I can’t remember how…

Ben Shapiro’s commentary on Cardi B’s latest single is more than just a cringy, viral moment

Source: Forbes

If you’re familiar with conservative speakers, you’ve probably heard of Ben Shapiro. He’s particularly famous for lecturing college students and engaging in spirited debates about all the heavy-hitting topics: abortion, climate change, and feminism.

Most recently, he’s been trending on Twitter for his commentary about Cardi B’s latest single, “WAP.” That acronym stands for “Wet Ass Pussy” — which is exactly what the song is about.

In a clip that went viral on Twitter, Ben Shapiro awkwardly recites the lyrics to WAP, but says “P-word” instead of “pussy.” In the video, he mocks the song, saying, “This is what feminists…

The reason why so many “karens” won’t cover up goes deeper than entitlement


I’ve always known people were ridiculous, but it took a global pandemic for me to realize how much. Hundreds, sometimes thousands of people, are dying each day, and there’s no real cure. All you can do is try not to get it, and hope that your immune system is strong enough to hold out if you do get it.

I think it’s safe to say one of our biggest defenses against the spread of COVID-19 is masks. Wear a cloth mask out in public, and you protect other people from catching the virus from you.

It’s not a tall order…

Four harmful tropes I wouldn’t mind never seeing again


I’ve previously written about the problematic female and male tropes that plague modern-day movies and TV shows, but these aren’t the only people who get a bad rap. There are a lot of other marginalized groups that get an unfair portrayal in the media — especially the LGBTQ+ community. Here are five problematic LGBTQ tropes that Hollywood needs to throw in the garbage:

1. “The Gay Best Friend”

The GBF is one of those tropes that isn’t just tired — it’s exhausted. From Stanford Blatch’s character on Sex and the City to Kurt Hummel on Glee, we’ve been watching gay men take the backseat to…

This polish erotica seems to fail on every single front

Source: Fox News

If someone told me that 365 Days (or 365 DNI) was a fanfiction written by a fourteen-year-old, I wouldn’t be surprised. One of my friends described it as a “worse Fifty Shades of Grey,” and somehow, it still failed to meet my expectations. I have a soft spot for bad movies, but it’s not very often I encounter a movie that manages to fail at everything.

If you haven’t seen the film yet (and I’m not sure I recommend it), here’s a basic rundown of the plot: a Polish woman, Laura, goes on vacation with her boyfriend. While she’s there…

As a white ally, I don’t want to hog the mic — I want to pass it

For the past few days, I’ve been scrambling for the right words in the aftermath of George Floyd’s death. I’m not the only one — plenty of Medium bloggers have taken to their keyboards to sum up their outrage in five-minute reads.

That’s what I planned to do too — but I’ve also been thinking about my role as a white ally. My job isn't to ignore the problem because it’s “not my fight,” but it’s also not my responsibility to speak for POC.

In times like this, when racial injustice is more apparent than ever, I don’t want to…

To the Reddit post that got underneath my skin


Almost two weeks ago, a father posted on the subreddit, AmItheAsshole, about deleting a Minecraft world his son had built as punishment. As the name suggests, this subreddit is all about helping people gain a little bit of perspective. If they aren’t sure whether they did something wrong or not, they’ll ask internet strangers what they think.

In this case, this father wanted to know if he was wrong for deleting his son’s Minecraft world. Here’s the full post:

I have 2 children, a 9 year old son and a 6 year old daughter. My son had a Minecraft world…


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