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Trigger warning: This article discusses sexual assault/rape allegations in detail.

In 2017, Elizabeth Axley, a freshman at Liberty University, tried to report a sexual assault to the university staff. Axley had gone to an off-campus Halloween party on Saturday night, where she took shots of vodka with friends. …


Red flags: you may hear about them most often in heterosexual relationships, but they’re not exclusive to straight people — any gender can come with big, glaring red flags, including lesbian and queer people.

However, the warning signs you’d watch out for in a straight relationship aren’t always the same…


Maybe you’ve seen it portrayed in movies and TV shows: the beautiful main character and her passionate love interest ride off into the sunset while her “nice guy” friend gets left behind.

Or maybe you’ve seen it play out in real life — despite being a “nice guy,” you can’t…

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If you’re familiar with conservative speakers, you’ve probably heard of Ben Shapiro. He’s particularly famous for lecturing college students and engaging in spirited debates about all the heavy-hitting topics: abortion, climate change, and feminism.

Most recently, he’s been trending on Twitter for his commentary about Cardi B’s latest single, “WAP.”…


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